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The Virginia flag, like those of several other original colonies, incorporates symbols representative of the time in which they were created, mainly during the Revolutionary War. The VA seal was conceived around 1776 and it shows two figures, a female standing over a fallen male. The female, who is garbed in ancient Greek apparel holding both spear and sword, is a portrayal of Virginia and Liberty. The male is shown wearing the uniform of a Roman soldier with a fallen crown on the ground near him, his role is that of King George III and Tyranny. The seal may have been created decades prior, but the actual flag of Virginia was not created until 1861 where the seal was placed on a dark blue flag.

State Capital: Richmond
State Motto Latin: Sic semper tyrannis
State Motto: Thus always to tyrants
State Nickname: The Old Dominion, The Mother of Presidents
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Virginia Governor Ralph Northam

        Democratic Party
        Elected: 2017
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