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Virginia Governor Ralph Northam

Democratic Party
Elected: 2017

No More Hiding

At We will be updating this site when Governors do bad things. When they allow making it more difficult to vote. When they attack Firefighters and Teachers we will let you know. The more they do BAD. The more we have to bring you.

We will catch Governors and let the people know when the Governor of a state is not doing the right thing. No more hiding in your state. When you do bad things we will catch you and bring that information to this site for everyone to see.

We have a grading system that will allow Governors to know what will get them the BAD Seal of disproval from Blocking the vote is an automatic Bad Seal. Attacking Teachers and Firefighters is an automatic Bad Seal. Making it extremely difficult if not impossible to allow Women the right to choose this will get you an automatic Bad Seal. If you allow polluters to pollute another automatic Bad Seal. Governors you have a responsibility no a duty to protect your state and the people in it to protect their rights and wellbeing. If you don’t you will get the Dreaded Bad seal of Disaproval.

This Site Is Still Under Construction.

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