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Adopted in 1925, Oregon has the only state flag with a different design on each side. Both sides are navy with a design in gold, with the reverse side featuring a beaver (the state animal). The front of the flag displays the words “State of Oregon” and the date “1859” at the top and bottom with a heart-shaped shield surrounded by 33 stars. The stars and date denote Oregon as the 33rd state to join the Union in 1859. A sun, mountains, forests, and a covered wagon make up the scene on the shield, while a plow and a pickax are beneath a banner with the words “The Union.” The crest of the shield is an American eagle with two ships sailing on the Pacific Ocean below. The ships, a British ship departing and an American trade vessel arriving, symbolize commerce and the emergence of the United States as a new power.

State Capital: Salem
State Motto Latin: Alis volat propriis
State Motto: She flies with her own wings
State Nickname: The Beaver State
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Oregon Governor Kate Brown

        Democratic Party
        Elected: 2018
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